Healthcare-Associated Infections

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Research about ways to create a safe and high-quality care environment. What are the current strengths and weaknesses of the care environment where you might be conducting your quality initiative for HAIs? Where is the opportunity for improvement in the environment? How does patient acuity, nurse staffing, and work stress/burnout affect patient outcomes? Reflect upon the six key questions presented below:

Paper = HAIs (Healthcare Associate Infections or Hospital Acquired Infections):

What model would you choose for your patient safety/quality care (HAIs) initiative?

What are your thoughts on this model of team coordination? Do you have other ideas?

How can you incorporate into your Paper a moral responsibility to call for changes in a health care facility’s policies and procedures that you recognize as potentially detrimental to the safety of patient?

How can you incorporate into your Paper the following?:
– Creating a healthy work culture
– Designing systems and processes
– Acquiring and aligning resources
– Assuring a professional practice environment
– Implementing quality and safety programs

How can you incorporate into your Paper the following?:
– Fostering a just culture
– Identifying and developing nurses as patient safety experts
– Ensuring staff have the needed resources
– Validating nurses’ importance in safety
– Modeling effective leadership
– Involving patients and families in the safety improvements

How have you addresses these potential variables in your Paper?

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