Healthcare Agenda Setting

Forecast the agenda-setting process for a defined problem.
Discuss the link between agenda setting and the development of legislation.
Agenda setting is the primary set of activities that take place within the formulation phase of the policymaking
process. In this assignment, you will write about the agenda-setting process as it relates to Kingdon’s Three
Streams and the Window of Opportunity. The Three Streams are referred to as “The process by which
particular problems emerge and advance to the next stage”; the Window of Opportunity is referred to as “The
point at which problems, potential solutions to them, and political circumstances converge to stimulate
legislation development”. You also will participate in a discussion with your peers to discuss the link between
agenda setting and the development of legislation, as it pertains to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care
Act (ACA).
Action Items
In addition to the reading assignments for this module, conduct research for the topics listed below. You must
use at least two relevant, scholarly sources in addition to your textbook. Begin your research at the Franklin
University Library.
Kingdon’s Three Streams
The Window of Opportunity
Conduct research regarding a health policy issue. It is recommended that you visit the following websites to
begin your research. Alternatively, you may locate other sources from which to identify a health policy issue:
CDC Winnable Battles
Kaiser Family Foundation
Write a 3- to 4-page paper in which you address the items (listed below) related to the issue that you chose.
Write your paper in terms of the three streams and the window of opportunity.
Discuss the specifics of the problem.
Discuss the possible solutions.
Describe the current political circumstances.
Forecast potential strategies and actions that you would take to move the issue into the policy formulation
phase; in other words, what would it take to get this issue on the right “table” in front of the right people to
begin formulating a policy?

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