Health Science

Health Science


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Presentation (10%)

Students will prepare a 5-minute presentation to be presented during one of the final two classes of the term. I will expect you to identify a popular health myth and
act as ”mythbusters” by using quality peer-reviewed research to debunk the myth. Presentations will be graded as follows:

• 2 marks: Present the myth. Provide evidence on where it originated (e.g., news report, media article, etc.)
• 4 marks: Bust the myth. Present a minimum of 4 peer-reviewed journal articles that debunk the myth. Provide a correctly formatted APA style reference for each.
• 2 marks: Public health application. Describe the potential benefits of busting this myth to the general public.
• 2 marks: Presentation style. Well-prepared and rehearsed, good volume and tone, maintained audience engagement, respected time limit.


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