Health Promotion/Disease Prevention Plan

Compose a scholarly paper that addresses a priority health issue for a target group (aggregate) in your
community setting. Support your content with at least six scholarly references.
Components of the Paper:
• Title Page
• Introduction – Label the introductory paragraph with the title of the paper. This heading is in title case with a
non-bold font.
o Health Promotion Plan for [specify the aggregate] or
o Disease Prevention Plan for [specify the aggregate]
• Community Setting and Role (Level 1 heading)
o Describe the community health setting
o Identify the preceptor’s title and role
• Target Population (Level 1 heading)

o Identify the aggregate group
o Specify how the group is served in this setting
o Identify general group characteristics (such as age, ethnicity, race, gender, etc.)
o Identify the known strengths and weaknesses of the group based on the social determinants of health – see
Module 5
• Priority Issue (Level 1 heading)
o Describe how this issue was identified as important
o Include any known statistics on the issue for this aggregate (State, County, or City) – See Module 2
• Plan of Care (Level 1 heading)
o Provide an overview of the plan
o Specify health promotion or disease prevention
o Identify the level of prevention (primary, secondary, or tertiary) or health promotion model – see Module 3
o Identify necessary team members
o Identify a key goal for the plan
• Project Plan Map (level 1 heading) – Rector, 2018, p. 438
For the above goal, identify the following:
• Objective
• Activity
• Who is responsible
• Due Date
• Evaluation of Outcomes
• Conclusion (Level 1 heading)
o Provide a summary of key points
o Identify at least three resources available to the community for this issue – see Module 4
• References
o Include at least six (6) scholarly references
This activity will be graded using the written assignment rubric.

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