Health Policy Problems

Health Policy Problems

Order Description
Based on your readings and viewing of the timeline, discuss the process of health policy development. Be sure to include the following:
At least 3 health policy problems that have been encountered historically
At least 3 health policy issues existing today.

1 Introduction (what is the Puzzle )
Introduce the debate in the literature

2 What is the social scientific debate in the literature?

3 What is the research question? What is your specific question?
What enables a single market? Case EU

4 Theory ( Hypothesis ) :
GCC is aiming for more integration towards a GCC single market and that requires a supranational body that acts as European Court of Justice (ECG) to act as following:
( Please state what should this proposed or does in GCC similar to the EU-ECJ)

5 Empirical case :What empirical data will you use
In the absence of the supranational body in GCC for the case studies provided:
? Case study 1: Energy drinks labelling requirements technical regulation
? Case study 2: GSO 42/2015 Motor Vehicles – General Requirements: where UAE has extra safety requirements and the rest of the GCC countries are OK with the existing technical regulation (Partial modificationfor UAE Mandatory Standard No.UAE.S GSO 42: 2003 “Motor Vehicles – General Requirements”
? Case study 3: UAE standards no. 2055-2014 part 2 – Requirements for bodies providing Halal certification where UAE has significantly deviate from the terms and requirements.
? Case study 4 : KSA standards on the specification of the construction materials
? Case study KSA for notification scheme of cosmetic products: which is different than what is being imposed in UAE (has another registration scheme) and the rest of GCC member state.
There are regulations approved by the 6 GCC member states but not really implemented equally by them which creates trade to barrier and does not enhance the single market approach.
( Please search for stronger cases that helps to prove the above non conformity )

6 Conclusion :What are your tentative conclusions
What is the influence?
Make some policy recommendation such as formation of a similar body like ECJ within the GCC or amending the mandates and responsibilities of the GCC Commercial Arbitration Centre.
Other recommendations will be highly appreciated

7 Why does this matter?

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