Health Care Research


Research is a critical element of health services delivery. It is often used to examine the relationships between cost, quality, and access—with the goal of improving clinical and organizational practices and informing health care policies. As a healthcare professional, it is essential for you to develop an understanding of the purpose and value of health care research. To prepare for this Discussion, think about some of the important issues in health care today. Bring to mind the topics to which you have been exposed through previous courses in your program of study, as well as any news items that have caught your attention lately. How can—and how should—research be used to inform an understanding of these issues? Next, review journal, newspaper, and Internet articles that provide credible information on a particular topic in health care delivery, identifying one that features a research study with significant findings related to your topic. With information from your Learning Resources in mind, think about the purpose and value of this particular research study. Also, reflect on the following questions: What type(s) of research were used in this study? What steps were completed for the research process? What were the sources of data? What methods were used to analyze the data collected? Write a comprehensive response to the following: Summarize a healthcare research study. Reference the source of your information. Analyze the purpose, importance, and nature (e.g., type of research study, sources of data) of the research, as well as the conclusions of the study.

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