Health care Model

Health care Model

1. Each paper should include a two- to three-page, double-spaced summary of three key concepts from the designated modules. ?
2. Each concept should include a definition or description of the concept and an example of the concept in action. It is recommended that the examples are based on the student’s experiences from recent clinical practice. ?
3. It is expected that students synthesize the information about the concepts they have chosen and WILL NOT use direct quotes for concept definitions or descriptions. [Use of direct quotes will earn the score of zero]. ?

Use these Key Concept
1.Patient centered Medical Home
2.Innovative care delivery model
3.Accountable Care Organization.

• Each concept discussed should have a separate reference. A minimum of 3 references is required. ?
• Please make every effort to use current literature (published within the past 5 years) and interprofessional literature including, but not limited to medicine, clinical specialties in nursing ?

• Scholarly websites may also be used but are limited to two per paper. These websites include those with the suffix .edu, .org, and others. Please do not use “common knowledge” websites such as Wikipedia.
Formatting of this assignment should be APA format
• Double-spaced ?
• One-inch margins ?
• Font: 12-point New Times Roman ?
• APA style title page ?
• APA style reference page at end of paper ?
• APA guidelines for grammar and punctuation ?
• APA style referencing within the text ?
• APA style headers for the paper ?
• APA style section headings

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