Health Administrative Services Internship

Health Administrative Services Internship

Final Internship Report

This outline provides guidance for you to complete your final report and self-evaluation. The report should be typewritten in 12 point font and double-spaced. It should be a professional paper, meaning that you don’t need references, but should give credit to any individual or paper that you quote or paraphrase. You may copy and paste text from your own progress reports without citing them as your source.  Make sure you proofread. Points will be deducted from your grade if you have spelling and grammar errors.

Title page:    Include your name, the name of the agency where you completed your internship, your preceptor’s name, and the dates of participation.

Executive summary:    Include an overview of the entire experience. Normally, this will take one or two pages. Make sure that you include your goals, major projects and other duties, and an overall impression of the experience and its usefulness.

Learning experiences:    List each major goal you set out to accomplish and then describe how you reached that goal, or explain why you did not. Include all of the activities and projects you were involved in. Collect examples of work you completed, where possible, attach them, and refer to them as appropriate in your description. Once you complete the description of the first goal, list the second and do the same. Repeat this process for all of the goals you set.

Self-evaluation:    You will fill out the self-evaluation form and submit it separately. But as part of this final report please provide a summary evaluation of your experience. How were your professional competencies developed or enhanced during the internship? What would you do differently now that your internship is over? Would you recommend internships for other students? How could your preceptor have improved the experience you had? How could the health administration program help students have a better experience?

Your report should be six to ten pages of text in length, not including the title page, executive summary, or
any examples of your work that are attached.  This report must be submitted in the appropriate
Assignment drop box in the Canvas online section in order to receive credit.

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