Has the Automobile Destroyed the American City?

Has the Automobile Destroyed the American City?
From the lookout of things, it seems like carmakers together with the road builders have made a combined effort to force people into the automobile. In every activity carried out in the American city, the automobile is involved in one way or the other. On the other hand, government planners have failed in their duties of controlling the rate at which automobile is developing within the country. That has indeed created an automatic relationship between the settlers of USA and their daily activities. They have become irrational portraying an intense love towards automobile technology. That indeed has made the country suffer from social and economic ills that draw behind the rate at which economy develops. America is now struggling the dependence on other countries that produce oil because the rate at which fuel is used in the continent overcomes their domestic production. That forces them to depend on other countries like Arabs in order to keep the efficiency of automobile technology. On the other hand, the automobile is seen as the most efficient method of transportation due to its flexibility when it comes to matters of time. That has resulted in a bigger percentage of citizens in America joining the world of the automobile. People in real sense do not know the resulting outcomes of the excessive use of motor vehicles both on the land topography as well as on the environment.
Geographically, increase in amount of automobiles leads to land diversification. A Higher number of motor vehicles results in increased infrastructure development. Therefore, urban planners are criticized for failing to come up with quality strategies for managing traffic in the country. It comes at time when the rate of automobile developments overcomes the growth of infrastructure. At this point, local authorities that control traffic jams as well as parking lots, experience significant challenges in maintaining order. Anti-suburb and anti-automobile activities argue that urban “sprawl” causes people to drive along streets by relocating the far from their workplace. Citizens in America have therefore categorized automobile as compulsory, which is as a result of the suburban development. That calls for a bigger percentage of people working in the urban areas to use automobile as the only means of transport graded as faster compared to other means.
For a long period, the issue of automobile has been criticized by most organizations that deal with issues of environmental and land diversification. That is due to the imposed illness that such as sprawling suburbs that harms community environment making the surrounding inhabitable. Environmental effects resulting from automobile activities prove to make people in a given society suffer. They may not necessarily affect someone directly but at the end of it all, the advantage part is always lower compared to its benefits. Right now, the world is experiencing a lot of global warming as a result of pollutants released into the air by fuel consuming objects. In any given city in America, the rate at which motor vehicles release smoke to the environment is enough to fasten the rate of global warming. While people view the automobile as a necessity in work efficiency, the resultant outcomes are meant to reduce the life span of people through environment pollutants.
The aspect centralization has significantly contributed to the harming of an American city by automobiles. Because 80% of administrative are found within the town center cause a rise in the number of citizens who drive in and out of the city. Everybody working in the city in America tends to embrace automobile services in order to make things easier. If the government is to decentralize most of its administrative offices from urban centers, then it would be a bit better in reducing congestions in towns. Trade in the city has also led to traffic jams within the city. Many of the trading bodies and organizations are located within the central business district. That not only calls for automobile congestion in the area but also people tend to crowd within this area. Really, the act of choosing automobile by the US citizens as a basic need is what makes them suffer higher crime rates in towns. If Americans today get denied their right to drive in and out of towns, then there would be a primary difference in the look out of the place. Decentralization may in one way or the fail to work as a solution to this problem. However, guiding policies from government authorities should be implemented so as to reduce the crowding of vehicles and people in cities. In most of the cities, parking lots are always provided to maintain the order of movement within the town. In any case, the government essentially misuses significant tracts of land when such spaces are left bare. It becomes uneconomical to have most of the land being an automobile facility rather than being transformed to become economically viable.
Rejuvenation also has in one way or the other affected the rate at which automobile harms the American city. The new erosive power that is experienced with urban areas has totally changed the way of doing things in America. The country is now taking a youthful topography based on the new technological development taking place in urban areas. Many people have involved themselves with business as their way of earning a living. All businessmen and women target those people within urban areas. These are the people who have visited cities for working purposes. In America, the developed infrastructure has contributed to a bigger percentage of people purchasing cars to utilize the advantageous moments. As a result, the automobile has spread making it seem as if it is a culture in the states.  Automobiles account for about 76 percent of the entirely motorized travelers while transit’s transportation accounts for 16 percent. People opt to move the automobile way than using other means of transport. The amount of land used for the development of roads and parking lots in towns is big compared to its economic value. It happens that most of this land comes from the government all even displacement of people who are living in that place now.
Even without necessarily comparing America with other countries to measure automobile level, by early 1930s US had already owned automobiles at least three of them in any four households. They adapted the system of automobile long time ago even before the construction of highways and postwar suburbanization of its metropolitan areas. Automobile acts as a booster to technological development and provides satisfaction to people’s autonomy, mobility, and privacy. That increases the ability of humankind to concentrate its wealth prospering to higher heights. The American way of living cannot be judged as bad or incompetence since it is characterized many factors that raise the standards of leaving. Owning an automobile cannot be termed as incorrect since it is a way of improving reliability through time-saving. Therefore, what makes it appear inappropriate is when many people own them and yet there is no space for everyone. Causing of congestions in towns and cities is what makes an automobile look as if it is beyond control.
While automobiles conquer the American city with their enormous demerits, it has a corresponding side of unlimited advantages in the transportation sector. Automobile safety has in big way improved. That has resulted in reduced risk of accidents on the roads. The degree at which people used to fear traveling has reduced due to own driving. Suburbanization facilitated by automobiles has allowed a significant number of Americans to move from urban areas to staying in places where there are no congestions. The benefits drawn from road transport by the government and business people make them get encouraged to entering into the automobile. Goods on transits for tradeoffs with other countries tend to use automobile as the only way to be delivered. That enhances the rate at which people use automobile to carry on trade activities. In any case, if people are to rely on the public transportation system only, it could be very difficult for people to remain flexible in everything they do. Time management is what matters most in the life of a human being. Failing to do the right thing at the appropriate time may cause a significant difference in the way one can do it afterward. Therefore, the automobile has enhanced timely working as well as reliability in their work.
Automobile on the big continent such as America is hence categorized as the necessary tooll for daily work. What the settlers of the country benefit from the technology are what that boosts their urge of joining the system. The technology has become monotonous as the government has no control over it. Flooding of vehicles in town has become an order of the day in the state. It becomes worse because America runs a 24 hours economy system making the cities to be occupied all the time. The automobile service has supported the development of 24 hours economy entirely. However, the government also plays a role in reinforcing automobile in the country. It does that by issuing driving licenses to children at the age of 16 years. That makes a bigger percentage of the population to have the authority in control of traffic.  Such government policies should be reformed in order to restrict the rate at which people join automobile. Other government policies like parking regulations should be restrained to reduce the number of those using own cars to drive to and from the workplace. But to avoid uncertainty on roads, government officers are at the front line in giving the automobile a priority. Even those who take positions of environmental preservation fail to address the issue in a manner that people will understand clearly the effects of increased automobile in the country.
For every situation, there is always a correspondent remedy. Americans have made the automobile a way of life. Breaking the love between people and automobile in the state would be hard. No one is ready to go for other options rather than an automobile. It is clear that many of those who have automobile are thoroughly enjoying it benefits forgetting of the forthcoming consequences. While driving no one remembers about environmental conservation criteria. However,   it may be of great help if every citizen was to join hand and fight back effects of the automobile. The reality remains that vehicles have to be used, and many will be bought every day. The government ought to come up with strategies for conserving the environment. The central issue is the harmed automobile will have caused to the society at large in some years to come. Technology has tried its best by scholars employing their effort to make electric vehicles. That can be a very efficient way of dealing with the environmental pollution as a result of the automobile. Apart from the innovation of electric cars, use of fuels that are fewer pollutants may also work as a solution to the problem. Research shows that some fuels are less pollutant after undergoing combustion process. That can reduce the rate of global warming by a higher percentage. Nobody would wish to stay in an inhabitable environment where climate conditions are not conducive for survival. Therefore, any imposed change in the transport sector regarding using less pollutant fuel may be may be embraced by each and every person.
Other practical methods that can help reduce the geographical effect of the automobile are decentralization in American cities. It is not necessary that offices should be allocated within towns or urban areas. Distribution of administrative offices is essential since it shall disperse people accordingly to avoid crowding in cities. In a situation when people drive off to work in the rural areas, it is evident that traffic jams are not experienced. Decentralization may play a vital role in reducing congestion of people in cities. Having the automobile technology, no one would mind going for services out of town. It would be even much easier for those who live away from cities. Helpful methodologies of environmental conservation are essential in preventing the high rate of global warming worldwide. Americans should not only aim at reducing automobile effects in their country. People should work with the aim of saving the world as a whole. It is not that America is the only continent under the influence of automobile; other countries are also affected but at a lower rate compared to that of the United States of America.  When global warming is at its highest level, it will not affect America alone just because it contributes to it, all other countries shall suffer too. Therefore, it is advisable for everyone in the universe to act against any environmental pollutant. By so doing, the automobile will eventually be controlled.  The American city serves as a perfect example of automobile results that can as well happen to any other city in the world. That sounds like a warning to countries heading the same direction. Automobile is good at improving technology but in return, generations coming after shall suffer the ignorance of the present generation. Making a decision to fight out global warming as a result of automobile technology will save lives.

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