Hardware Systems & Design

Hardware Systems & Design

Project description
ELEE1062 Hardware Systems & Design: Microcontroller Project
Microcontroller based hardware systems can be used to process real world information from various sensors and to produce an output to show the result. Sensors can

respond to various physical parameters such as mass, temperature, velocity etc. or the occurrence of a particular event. An example is an ultrasonic rangefinder, which

is a device that sends out ultrasonic pulses and detects when the pulses reflect back from a physical object. The timing of the reflected pulse can be used to

determine distance.
For this project, you will use an ultrasonic rangefinder and the DE0 development board running a NIOS II processor to construct a distance measuring device and present

the result on a seven segment LED display.
Part 1: Develop and implement C code for the NIOS processor, running on the Altera DE0 development board, that uses an SRF05 ultrasonic rangefinder to create a

distance measurement device. Use a single seven segment display on the DE0 board to display the distance result, in centimetres, up to a limit of 9 centimetres.
Part 2: Make use of the other seven segment displays of the DE0 board to display the result in millimetres, up to the maximum range of the sensor.
Part 3: Make use of the pushbuttons and/or switches to store the greatest and least distance values. Include a reset mechanism.
1. Formal report including: a) Title page b) Contents page c) Introduction d) Design methodology, including a full account of the development process e) Testing and

results f) Discussion g) Conclusion h) C code (with comments) in the appendix
The report must be submitted electronically via an upload link that will be available in Moodle. Length: 2000 words (+/- 10%).
2. Hardware demonstration
You will be given a time slot to demonstrate and explain your hardware system.
Your grade will be composed of:
a) Technical quality of your work as documented in the report and seen in the demonstration. This includes the technical quality of the development and testing as well

as the final result. (60%) b) Structure and presentation of the report (40%).


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