Gun Control.

Choose a movement (area of activism) that interests you. You might build on the research of your first assignment or choose another topic entirely, and explore the problem situation using AU library databases, books, and other sources to develop the background and context for the movement. You will also examine major events leading up to the problem and then describe the groundswell of actions taken by individuals and activists. You will examine motives and desired outcomes of the movement with the object of gaining insight into why this specific individual or individuals were driven to work they engaged in. Finally, you will examine society’s response to the activism and judge whether or not the effort has been successful.
The objective of your Researched Essay is to the join an ongoing conversation about an activist and/or movement of interest to you. As you examine relevant materials, consider one or two conversations to focus on. You will develop summaries on each useful source that will form the basis for your final Essay 2. If you decide to use a different activism other than the one you researched in Essay 1 as a starting point, you will have to start all over again with research. The Annotated Bibliography will be your research effort for Essay 2.
You can consult with our librarian, Rachel Borchardt ( or 202-885-3657) for assistance in finding sources.

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