Guided Reading Lessons (2) For Second Grade

Guided Reading Lessons (2) For Second Grade

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Assignment #4: Guided Reading Lessons

Guided Reading is an instructional practice that allows a teacher to work with a small group of students – usually no more than 4-6 – to provided targeted instruction using appropriately leveled texts. Based upon our class discussions and using the videos as a guide your lesson should include the following components:

Reread Known Texts
High Frequency Writing (Dolch High Frequency Words)
Appropriate New Book Introduction
Frontloaded vocabulary introduction, developmentally appropriate and text-matched preview, scripted text overview
Guided Reading Technique Specified
Mumble, Silent, Repeated for fluency, DRTA-specify text sections and script questioning
Skills in Context
Developmentally appropriate, informed by guided reading errors, informed by assessments, text appropriate, teaching to process and transfer-not item
IN HANDWRITING NOTES: Based on your students’ reading behavior or responses to comprehension questions, what feedback must you provide to nudge your student to a higher level of awareness or understanding? How did your students apply your feedback to move forward to a higher level of achievement?
Interactive Writing (and cut-up sentence, if appropriate)

Be very specific when you write out your lesson. As you teach, make note of the student reading behaviors you observe and how you respond. Be sure to include a lesson reflection that addresses what went well, what didn’t go well and things you’d adjust for tomorrow’s lesson.

In lieu of the lesson plan format we have used all semester, structure your lesson plan around the above components. Include an objective for your lesson.

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