Growth hormone


The paper about Groth hormone.

Read the instruction carefully.. The first part is the introduction : it is a summary of every thing . Then: content : it is two main section : 1- Hypo 2- Hyper and under each of them 4 subsections : ((( you can see it in the uploaded paper, it is very clear ))) . The most important thing is , It has to include((( 3))) type of articles : 1- Review article. 2-Clinical research article. 3- Research article using Cell culture or Animal cell. The articles should include the following : 1- the 3 diffrent types it is very very very important to use the 3 types i asked for if you do not use them I will not eccept the paper . 2- it has to be 2000 but prefer to be 2010 until 2017. 3- The articles can be in any part of the GH but i prefer to finds articles in the mechanism of the hypo or the hyper , treatments. 3- it MUST MUST MUST to includes figures or pictures that explain somethings in the articles and place it in the paper. 2- it has to be clear and essay to understand it . 4- the most important thing is the articles include new information . 5- I will not eccept any old article less than 2000. Please choose articles that essay to understand and clear and has figures on it . The paper all about the articles if you choose bad articles i will not get good grades . please when you chose the articles let me see it first before you start writing so you will not wast you time In the ppt write the main important detelis about the paper . If you have any question please send it to me.

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