Group project – dream project

As a group, select a dream project that your group created in the first assignment #1 . Explain why your group selected and how you came to the agreement. The project selection process should be used.
This course is all about managing projects which means managing project due dates. So make sure you manage your project to meet the assigned date, plan on submitting early and allowing a time buffer in case things do not go as planned.
You will be required to provide a Title Page, Introduction, Project Selection Process, Project Description, Work Breakdown Structure and the Project Scope Document.
You must enter into a contract with the Management Group that specifies exactly what you will and won’t be required to do with this project. This is the Project Scope Document (related to the Statement of Work and Project Charter). Refer to Defining the Project Scope – Scope Statement
Secondly, assume that the Management Group has come to you for information on how much work will be required to complete this project. The first steps you would do as the Project Manager would be to break the project into manageable pieces so that you can have your staff investigate what is required to complete the work.

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