Group polarization.

Define and explain group polarization. Is group polarization present? Explain and give examples.
(1 point)
Explain different types of group decision rules. What rules are used in the movie? Give examples.
(1 point)
Define fallacy. Explain the 8 fallacies we discussed in class. Do you see fallacies in the movie?
Explain and give examples. (1 point)
What types of questions do you see in your movie or show? Are there questions of fact,
questions of conjecture, questions of value, or questions of policy? How does the group go
about solving the problem(s)? (1 point)
C. Introduction and Conclusion (1 point):
Please include an introduction and conclusion in your paper.
D. Academic sources (1 point)
Two academic sources in APA style (academic journal articles preferred; communication
textbooks excluded)
E. Law Essay (1 point)
On a separate page, please pick one court case on the First Amendment principles and answer
the points for discussion questions.

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