Group Dynamics

Group Dynamics
Step 1 : Viewing the Corey DVD and filling out the workbook has invariably proved very helpful to Group Dynamics students in the past. You too will derive valuable
understandings of group leadership methods.

Step2: In Discussion Board forum 2, the thread instructions call for the following components to be addressed: (1) the kind of group one might want to lead, (2) useful
techniques viewed on the Corey DVD, (3) how to modify the group to employ the techniques from the Corey DVD, (4) how to employ these techniques in the group, (5)
Christian (Biblical) worldview integration, (6) correct citations and references for sources, (7) 275words or more, (8) clear diction, syntax, grammar, spelling, and
punctuation, and (9) proper netiquette.

Step 3: Remember to employ APA 3d person style to establish an objective, professional tone. Dr. Dan.

This is the book you are to use :
1.Corey, G., Corey, M. S., & Haynes, R. (2014). Groups in action: Evolution and challenges (2nd ed.). Belmont, CA: Brooks/Cole. ISBN: 9781285095059. (This package
includes a DVD and workbook.)

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