Greek art history

Greek art history

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Writing Assignment #2
Due the last day of class
Please select ONE of the following pieces and attempt to date it in a four page, singlespaced,
Come up with a date that you think is valid (refine it to ¼ of a century, i.e. 625-600 BCE)
Defend that date through comparison to other pieces we have seen in class. I would like
to see at least 2 comparisons that you think date to around the same time as your piece
and 2 that date from different periods. You should then explain what about this piece is
similar or different to your comparison choices
Finally, ascribe an artist to each piece (There may in fact be no artist attached to this
piece but I would like you to guess, or say it is in the style of ____.)
I will not count points off if you are wrong in your dating. I am more interested in seeing
why you chose that date.
I will reveal the correct dates for each piece during the final.
Remember, I am looking for improvement from your previous essay.
Watch tense changes and sentence structure.
Read and re-read your essay before handing it in (have someone else read it if you can)
Make every sentence count. Don’t use filler material!
Avoid the first person if possible
Have fun with this. You are attempting to do what all professional archaeologists and art
historians are expected to do.

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