Grand Strategies and Supporting Strategies for Smart Bikes Company

Grand Strategies and Supporting Strategies for Smart Bikes Company

I’m taking “Strategic Management & Policy” class. In this class we work as a team, and my team called “smart Bikes” . we are playing with a soft wear called” MikesBikes” in website.(please visit the website if you need to no more about the software). We are doing our own bikes company and always try to improve it. But now we are done our semester.
Now my group is writing a case study for our company that we played with as a “smart Bikes company”. The case includes “Grand Strategies and Supporting Strategies”.  The characteristics of the grand strategies for our team company, which we need to include them in the paper, are: Market penetration, product development, and Innovation. And the following is the description and comment for the writer that he/she may need for the paper for each grand strategies in my team company.
–    Market penetration: seeking increased market share for present products in present markets through greater marketing efforts. Success to some extent will depend on the current market saturation and/or growth potential. If you are going to attempt this against well-entrenched competition, costs can be high and profit margins low.
–    Product development: seeking increase sales by improving or modifying present products, a form of product differentiation. This may be far more desirable than a market penetration strategy, because it may give you a competitive edge.
–    Innovation: seeking increased sales through the development and introduction of new products. There must be an existing need, an emerging need, or the ability to create a need for the new products or services.
In the Grand Strategies and Supporting Strategies it’s need to includes also the I&E analysis result (internal & external analysis) for my team company. The I&E analysis for my team is II which is “a grow and build strategy”.
The following is the guideline of the Grand Strategies and Supporting Strategies section. I also will upload a sample case study, which written by my professor. Please just focus on the “Grand Strategies and Supporting Strategies” section of the case sample which the only section the writer will write about. No references need. Please email me or call me if you have any question. Thank you

The guideline:

Grand Strategies and Supporting Strategies

Given the I&E analysis, the grand strategies need to be restated. Then the specific generic strategies that are appropriate given the grand strategy need to be identified and explained why they should be executed. The generic strategies will note at least one dominate and one subdominate strategy. Refer to the Generic Grand Strategy matrix document to identify an appropriate strategy and the explanation of what the strategy is.

The I&E analysis:

If the strategy area falls in blocks I, II or IV that would be a grow and build strategy.  If the strategy area falls in blocks VIII, IX or VI that would be considered harvest and divest (retrenchment) strategy. If the strategy area falls in blocks VII, V or III then it would suggest a hold and maintain but we discussed in class that stability is not a reasonable strategy given the one constant in every organization is CHANGE. Therefore if a diagonal was drawn through blocks VII, V and III then if strategy area falls in the upper left triangle – a growth grand strategy would be in order. Conversely, if it falls in lower right triangle – a retrenchment grand strategy would be recommended.


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