Grameen Bank extends credit

  1. Grameen Bank extends credit to the very poor to give them the opportunity to build better lives. Other businesses target poor people as a source of potential profits. Such businesses can be considered ‘predatory’ if they gain at the expense of others. Increasingly, clearly illegal business behaviors or, ‘white-collar crime’, result in longer prison sentences, but many questionable practices are not illegal (for more on this topic, please see the optional “Good to Know” section on your complete schedule). What makes business dealings ‘fair’? If it’s legal, is it ‘fair’, or is business just naturally predatory? Why or why not? Is it in the best interest of society (or you, as a manager) to ensure that business is ‘fair”? Why or why not? 2. In many cases, individuals may hold MULTIPLE stakeholder roles at the same time and nonmarket stakeholders
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