Graduate School of Social Work Personal Statement

Graduate School of Social Work Personal Statement

1. What are your reasons for applying to the School of Social Work? Discuss how your personal, professional, and/or community experiences and values affected your decision?

2. Describe how addiction is an area of concern and describe how you believe professional social workers can help alleviate this issue?
3. What skills and strengths would you gain from the School of Social Work that would help you to address the problem of addiction.

4. After carefully reviewing the program requirements, including field education hours and course load expectations, please describe how you will manage to fulfill the program requirements, while balancing field education weekday hours and academic work with other life commitments.
Please write a detailed response to the two supplemental questions below at the end of your personal statement:

1. Tell us why you are choosing an online program over a traditional, on-campus MSW program.

2. Describe why you believe you will be a successful online student and what challenges might you face as an online student?

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