Governmental and political structure

Governmental and political structure

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The purpose of the country study is to provide a brief overview of the governmental and political structure of the country. My country is lebanon.

To make sure each student gets an adequate start, students will be required to submit an annotated bibliography  Besides providing the bibliographic information (author, title, date etc.), you will need to provide a few sentences about each source. You can briefly discuss the main thesis of the source, potential strengths or biases, and how it will help you with your country study. You will need to have at least 7 sources. At least two of the sources must be books and at least two sources must be articles from scholarly journals (A list of accepted scholarly journals will be provided soon). Other sources may include newspaper articles, magazine articles, audio or video sources etc. Get started early on collecting your sources. Some sources (like books, may require you to use the UNLV library or interlibrary loan). Use the CSN articles databases. You will find more quality there. Google or Yahoo searches are not that helpful for in academic research. No Wikipedias.

If you are having trouble finding sources, first contact a reference librarian at the CSN or UNLV library. If you are still having issues, then contact me. The sooner you contact a librarian or myself, the greater the probability that we can help. Not much can be done a few days before the bibliography or paper are due. I have placed a few links below that will provide more information about annotated bibliographies. You may use any citation format (MLA, APA, etc.). Just make sure it is consistent and complete.

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The paper must address the following issues. You do not have to organize it in this exact order.

What kind of government is this? (i.e. constitutional monarchy, democratic republic, etc)
How is government structured in this country?
Which other countries have a similar political system (compare to the countries in the Hauss book). Explain how they are similar.
Describe this country’s political culture.
Describe the major political parties. What issues or political philosophies do they advocate?
Who is (or which party) is currently in power in this country? Name various key leaders.
Briefly describe the most recent election. Which party or parties were most successful? What were the major issues in the last election?
What are some of this country’s major political challenges historically and currently (list three for each and briefly explain).
What are some significant public policy issues (at least 2, no more than three) in this country and how are they addressed (or not)?
What does this country do well?
How could this country improve?
Because of your outstanding research on this project, the US President / State Department / UN / World Bank etc., would like your advice. What would you recommend to improve conditions in this country?

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