Government 4

Government 4

The three branches of our government each play crucial roles in the U.S. national government. Each branch has specific power, duties, and responsibilities that are the most apparent features of our system of separate powers. Nevertheless, each branch has been critiqued for having definite strengths and weaknesses that become obvious in certain situations. Analyzing these strengths and weaknesses will enable you to evaluate and recommend ways to enhance and correct these fundamental assets and deficiencies of the branches of our national government.

To complete the assignment, use WORKSHEET ATTACHED.

Develop a detailed outline of your third main point using the Week Three Learning Activity Worksheet.

Describe one strength of the branch of government you have selected.
Describe one weakness of the branch of government that you have selected.
Recommend one option to maintain the strength of the branch discussed.
Recommend one option to correct the weakness of the branch discussed.
Provide two credible APA sources to support your main points.

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