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According to Bjorn Gulden, CEO of the German sportswear company Puma,
“Social, economic and environmental sustainability are among the core
values at PUMA. We believe that the balance of these three aspects is key
to the sustainable development of our business and faster is how we are
working with our partners towards a more just and sustainable future,
accelerating positive change in the industry and the world. Our mission to
be the fastest sports brand in the world also includes assuming
responsibility for ensuring that our products are manufactured under
appropriate working conditions and produced by suppliers who respect
human rights”. (
“PUMA’s Sustainability Strategy is based on more than 20 years of Code of
Conduct monitoring experience at our manufacturing partners as well as
regular stakeholder communication, industry collaboration and expert
feedback – both on a corporate and increasingly on a regional level.”
“Despite this focus on the triple bottom line (economic, social,
environmental), Puma has had its fair share of failures. An investigation
carried out by China Labor Watch (CLW) regarding conditions at a major
PUMA supplier based in China revealed widespread poor conditions. The
report describes the poor conditions at Dongguan Surpassing Shoe Co. Ltd.,
“Surpassing”. The factory employs roughly 6,000 workers in the slow season
and up to more than ten thousand workers during the peak season. Some
of the findings were related to excessive overtime, low pay (64 cents an
hour), poor food and dormitory conditions and an unethical waste disposal
procedure, among others.” (



Establishing the problem and a plan how to solve it.
Generally, project plan precedes major development and project
implementation. And it evaluates the project’s potential for success and is
an unbiased approach to provide information upon which decisions can be
based. It should comprise the following elements:
The project proposal begins with an overview, which is the summary
of the project.


The project overview should tie the entire proposal together and
often times writing it last works much better to accomplish this.
– The overview is what creates an impression in the mind of the
reader, so it is important that it is written professionally and
Statement of the problem. 30 marks.
– This section of the proposal begins discussing the problem that is
being solved through the project. You can either use a real life
ethical problem Puma is facing, or ‘invent’ a problem relating to
Puma’s push towards sustainable business development (see for


– Use this section to also prove that this project is definitely needed
and therefore should be done.
– Outline the scope of the project.
Define and write the project goals and objectives. 25 marks.
– Create goals that are attainable and objectives that are measurable.



In this section you should include the methods and ways in
conducting the research for the final coursework, and explain and
justify the method you choose. made up of extracts from published sources that is descriptive or simply just
theoretical regurgitation is not acceptable. Your submission must have
interpretation and consideration of the challenges and issues of taking
theory into practice.
Logical flow of ideas and treatment; appropriate selection of real world
factors related to the companies under scrutiny.
Evidence of additional personal research, and the ability to analyse material
from a variety of appropriate relevant perspectives.


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