Global Modernisms – Corporate America

Structure a coherent argument which should be illustrated using 6-10 images (plans, sections, photographs,
paintings, sketches, etc.) to support and elaborate your thinking. This essay is up to 1500 words and should be
viewed as a critical project, carefully argued and supported by appropriate academic reference material. Essay
question: “Describe the work of Mies van der Rohe and Phyllis Lambert at the Seagram Building through
reference to its massing, urban site, materiality and interiors, circulation, and organisation, and its façade.
Contextualize your description with discussions of the architects and the development of office buildings in
twentieth century America including lighting, air conditioning, spatial organisation, curtain walls, structural
frames, and elevators”.
4 books I picked: “Modern Architecture” by Alan Colquhoun, “Mies by Detlef Martins”, “Ludwig Mies van der
Rohe” by Jean-Louis Cohen and “The Seagram Building” by Stroller, Ezra.
It would be great if you could please find other books and articles/different types of references online to use for
the essay as well.

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