Global Marketing Communications assignment

Global Marketing Communications assignment

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MKT702 Individual Assignment (CW2)

CW2 – (weighted at 50% ) – Individual Report –
This is an individual assignment and is worth 50% of total grade

REPORT: Examine the topic of film placements within a specific industry.
Use pics for the story board for each brand selected within the industry.
LENGTH: 2000 words (individual report) only

OBJECTIVES: The overall purpose of this assignment is to give students an opportunity to identify and analyse theories, models and frameworks with a particular focus on film placements.

DETAILS: To start, select a particular market or product/service type e.g. Cars, hotels, having selected this, you need to research at least three cases of film placements for such products/services. You will need to make sure that the three cases examine different brands e.g. if you have selected watches you may look at cases of Rolex, Hublot and Omega etc. You may of course look at more cases if you wish.

When you are examining the product placement as a marketing communication tool, you need to do so on a fairly in depth level. Review the selection of this particular film and how it complements and further re-enforces the product/service image. In order to do so, some level of analysis of the product/service identity needs to be performed. Here you can use some of the brand layers models that are available in the literature.

It is imperative that students use journal papers relating to the topic of film placement in order to frame their analysis of the cases. Remember it is the quality of your analysis and discussion not the quantity of cases that you cover that matters in this course work.

Report Structure: Follow the report structure described below.
– Cover page
– Abstract (a short paragraph on what the paper is about)
– Page content
– The report body
– Conclusion
– References
– Appendix (if any)


Criteria/ mark Comments
Introduction (10%)
Analysis and discussion of film placement cases (40%)
Conclusion (10%)
Overall reference and implementation of theory: (30%)
Presentation and professionalism (10%)

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