Global Health Nursing

Global Health Nursing


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How to Access the WHO Country Health Profiles
for Use in Your Written Assignment and
as a (Required) Appendix in Your Paper

1. Go to the following website
2. Browse through the list of countries, and click on the UN member country of interest
3. The top of the first webpage that comes up after you have selected a country’s includes some basic demographics (e.g. total population)
4. Scroll down and click on “Country health profile”. This pdf document link appears under the words
County profile
Health profile
Country statistics
Country health profile

5. Print off the three-page pdf document to use for your paper and include a clean copy of all three pages as the only Appendix to your paper. It does not need to be
printed in colour for your paper submission – black and white copy is acceptable.
Written Assignment Content, Format and Submission Requirements


1. A key component of the required content of this assignment is your integration of a minimum of five (5) unique, scholarly (peer-reviewed) sources.
While the use of current scholarly, peer-reviewed articles (based upon evidence/research) are a standard source for this type of written assignment other scholarly
sources many be used as well. If website documents are used, they must be currently dated, cited in appropriate APA website format and chosen with care. Government and
Non-Government Organization (NGO) websites are acceptable for use, as are official foreign aid organization, and foreign aid program websites.
Note: No newspapers may be used as references for this paper. Wikipedia, and related on-line or hardcover dictionaries and encyclopedia format sources are also not
acceptable for use in this paper.

2. You can write your assignment in the first-person stance using “I” if you choose.

3. Take time to also read the one-page document titled “Written Assignment Marking Rubric” in the Written Assignment folder on Blackboard prior to starting your
literature search for this paper.

4. Maximum paper length: The paper will be no more than five (5) pages maximum in length* (excluding the required title page, reference page(s) and appendix (WHO
Country Health Profile doc.) Any content that is submitted beyond the above-stated five-page limit will not be read/graded.
*Note: Students are strongly encouraged to write at least four full pages to maximize the quality and depth of their discussion of the topic presented.
Margins must be maintained at a minimum of 1 inch on all sides and 12-point Times New Roman fond style must be used throughout the paper.

5. The Written Assignment must be written in a scholarly essay format, double-spaced, and in accordance with the writing style and content guidelines, as specified in
the Revised Edition of the APA 6th Edition of the Publication Manual for the American Psychological Association (2009).

6. Specific Assignment Submission Requirements:

i. The Written Assignment must be handed directly to the course professor on, or before the due date and time of November 13, 2017 at 8:30 am, and prior to the
commencement of the class lecture. Any assignment that is received by the professor after 8:30 am on the above date will be considered late and will be subject to the
Faculty of Nursing policies regarding late assignment submissions. All papers much be signed in at the time of submission.
ii. The Written Assignment must be submitted in hardcopy, in an unsealed, opaque envelope (i.e., White or brown manila envelope). No electronic submissions of the
Written Assignment will be accepted for marking.
iii. The assignment title page and cover envelope must clearly show the Student ID Number. To assist the course professor with “blind” appraisal, students are asked
not to put their name on either the assignment cover envelope or the title page.
iv. Computers do break down. For this reason, each student must retain an electronic copy and a hardcopy of his/her Written Assignment during its development and
v. Copies of reference sources must not be submitted with this assignment.
Reference list entries must provide the marker with all APA required information to access each reference source.
Note also that should there be an irregularity within the assignment, the professor may request that the student submit hard copies of original literature sources used
for this assignment. All students re required to keep a hardcopy of their assignment for this purpose

Use of Safe Assign ® Plagiarism-Detection Service in This Course

The purpose of using Safe Assign: It provides students with the opportunity to check all written content for plagiarism and correct it as often as needed until a clean
copy of the paper is achieved. At that time, the student to prints off a copy of the paper report (with the references). This is submitted with your paper but does not
need to be listed as an appendix to your paper. If your submission results in a reported % above zero, you need to either fix the identified section and re-submit to
Safe Assign ® or explain the identified passages in writing and attach this to your final paper submission.

A complete Safe Assign ® report submission includes the complete paper with references. A Safe Assign ® Originality Score report cover page and an item by item
handwritten explanation or rationalization for the reported similarity index must be submitted with the paper. Any written assignment that is submitted without (a) the
official originality report and (b) the item by item hand-written explanation for reported similarity index items will not be marked and will be considered late, with
a 5% per day deduction to a maximum of 25%. The paper would then receive a zero (0) grade (refer also to Faculty of Nursing Policies in this Course syllabus).
Returning students may not use papers written by them for any previous course without the permission of the instructor. Doing so is considered plagiarism according to
By-Law 31.

Late submission to the required Safe Assign ® materials is an unacceptable excuse for a late paper submission. No adjustments will be made for management and
organization skills to meet the expected demands of the assignment.
Scholarly Websites to Help You with Your Paper
The following websites provide scholarly (peer-reviewed) information for use in the writing of your written assignment in this course.

EXCEPTION: Please note that the CIA – Central Intelligence Agency in the United States IS NOT an acceptable website for use in your paper. The CIA obtains its
statistics directly from the country of origin. The CIA does not conduct ethical research on its own in each country to obtain country-specific data. There is no way
to verify the validity or truthfulness of the data that it obtains from a specific country.

United Nations home page
United Nations News web page
• A good place to find scholarly news stories in health-related issues in the world
World Health Organization home page
• Will connect you to health issues in all countries of the world and would be considered a scholarly source for the paper
• Many good links off this page

Freedom House home page
• This is a good webpage because here you can determine the freedom score out of 100 for your country of choice (100 is the highest score one can get) and learn about
the state of human rights in that country. The WHO states that health is an inherent human right.
• Here you can also determine the freedom ratings of your selected country (e.g., free, partially free, or not free) and see how the scores are calculated. We will
also talk about this website in class. Generally, the poorer the appraisal of human rights in a country, the lower their freedom score and the greater the likelihood
of diminished health care access and poorer health indices (e.g. morbidity and mortality; incidence and prevalence rates for CDs and NCDs) This is also a scholarly
site for the paper. A brief sentence or two in your paper re above and your country of choice would be suitable either in your introduction or the second section of
your paper.

Centres for Disease Control and Prevention home page
Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations home page
• Also includes current news events re food insecurity around the world, as well as successes in low-resource countries in fighting issues such as climate change and
soil erosion that can devastate a country and the health of its people. As always, it is the very young and the old that are affected first and most.

United Nations High Commission for Refugees home page
• This site will show you countries where refugees are greatest and where humanitarian efforts/aid programs are currently active.
Required Essay Content Specifications:

Mark Assignment
“Introduction” (Suggested length: approx. 1/2 page)
• Indicate the purpose of paper and intended areas of discussion
• Identify your country of choice and provide 3-4 sentences to briefly justify why you would choose this country as a global health nursing employment destination
• NOTE: Country of Choice must by rated as a Middle-or Low-Income Country as per its WHO Country Profile and the relevant WHO Country Profile must be copied and
attached as an appendix to the paper
“Country of Focus and Rationale” (Suggested length: approx. 1.5 – 2 pages)
• Provide a brief description of the country’s current geography, economic status, political structure and population demographics with appropriate citations from the
WHO Country Profile and the scholarly literature.
• Identify and briefly describe three of the country’s current global health (GH) priorities and discuss the nature of challenges faced by the country in relation to
these health priorities with appropriate citations from the scholarly literature. (e.g. disease epidemic, high rate of maternal death, lack of adequate health care
infrastructures, etc.)
“Global Health Priority” (Suggested length: approx. 1.5 – 2 pages)
• Select and discuss a formal global health strategy/initiative that is currently taking place within your country of focus to address one of the global health issues
identified in the previous section. Identify and briefly discuss one or more government and/or non-government organizations that provide funding/personnel and/or
structural resources to support this global health strategy/initiative with your country of focus.
• Identify what global health nursing role/activity would be of interest to you in addressing this health care priority within your country of focus and why. (Assume
that your foreign work assignment lasts for one year)
“Conclusion” (Suggested length: approx. 1/2 page)
• Summarize three to four new areas of knowledge that you have gained as a result of your examination the global health issues currently experienced within your
country of focus during the preparation of this assignment.
• Describe what anticipated new knowledge, skills and related personal/professional benefits might be gained by your participation in a one-year global health nursing
work experience (as described by you in the previous section) and how such knowledge and skills might transfer to/enhance your nursing practice upon your return to
Canada . /3

APA Format & Scholarly Writing Style: citation format, reference list content/format,12 pt. font size and style, double spacing, 1-inch margins, paragraph structure,
sentence structure, title page format, headers, page numbering, spelling, grammar, punctuation, clarity and depth of expression, logical presentation of ideas
Safe Assign® Originality Report Cover Page – Score _______%*
Safe Assign ® item-by-item similarity report with hand-written notation beside each Similarity Index item where plagiarism is implied*
* Papers submitted without full/required Safe Assign® documentation will not be graded.
No mark assigned
A minimum of five (5) current scholarly literature sources must be cited in this paper.
Use of only 4 scholarly sources = 2 mark deduction.
Use of only 3 scholarly sources = 4 mark deduction.
Use of only 2 scholarly sources = 6 mark deduction.
Use of only 1 or no scholarly sources = 10 mark deduction
Total /25


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