global business

global business

Er3S72 Advice on structure for assignment

•    Introduction should have brief description of company situation and what the report will cover.

•    Current / Future Business Environment
•    Steep – table / group trend map with referenced material from web, journal articles, etc.

•    Choices for Company
•    Brief Justification of 3 countries (Brazil, Australia, China)to compare with Japan.

•    Briefly explain and justify analytical structure to use e.g. swot & pest/pestle/steep combination table (use reference to assist justification if possible). And outline weights to be used (small table would be sufficient).

•    Table(s) of data an analysis should include:-

•    Strengths and Weaknesses with sub headings.

•    Analysis of 3 countries against Japan :-Opportunities and threats combined with pest / pestle / steep should include weightings and calculations. It also needs to present data for Japan and 3 other countries chosen. Real data included should include cost, technology, market, culture and risk data. Exchange rate data and cluster data may also be suitable here.

•    You may wish to have summary table of the scores for the countries, for the pest / pestle / steep

•    Then discussion of location decision (i.e. which country and why, using the summary)

•    Choice of Method (Joint ventures, Greenfield sites, Mergers /Acquisitions)
•    Table explaining different choices available and strengths and weaknesses of each.
•    Choice of method and why. (Speed, Control Cost, Risk etc)

•    Brief conclusion

•    References

Carrier, C. Cossette, P and Verstraete, T. (2000) Experimental implementation of a new creative method to support futurology by small businesses in a strategic management perspective. Journal of Enterprising Culture. Vol. 8, No. 2, pp121-140.
CIA (2010) World Fact Book. Available at:  (Accessed on 28.11.11)

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