GI system and science coursework assignment

GI system and science coursework assignment

This coursework assignment is designed to test your understanding of spatial
data and the GIS tools used to analyse it.
The task is to create an automated spatial function, with a software package of
your choice (R, ArcGIS or Quantum). It should take one or several datasets in a
standard format (.shp, .dbf, .csv etc), perform one or a number of spatial analysis
routines on it, and produce an output file and/or visualisation of that data.

Things to consider:
1. The final function should address a clear problem and turn the raw data
into information.
2. You can select any source of data so long as it is a reliable one.
3. You may wish to integrate the plotting of data into the function but this
may not always be appropriate. Maps should, however, be used to
demonstrate the outputs (they may just be done after the function has
4. The function should offer a number of clearly explained parameters for
the user to adjust if they wish to experiment with a range of results.
The accompanying write-up should adopt the style of a Science or Nature article.
These are characterised by extremely condensed content with references to
further reading and also supplementary material. The latter two are not included
in the word count and should include:
1. A flow diagram to demonstrate the sequence of steps in the function.
2. A small amount of user documentation to explain the format (column
headings etc) required for the function to work and the data outputs.
Such articles are often highly visual so you are expected to accompany your text
with high quality graphics.

The main text should include:
1. The need for such a function to be written and rationale for your choice of
2. A description of the data used to demonstrate the function.
3. The scientific basis and description of the analysis implemented.
4. Testing you have performed to ensure the outputs are reliable.
5. Potential applications of the function beyond those demonstrated.
6. Limitations and further work.
GI Systems and Science Coursework Adam Dennett, October 2013
Output Little Chef Density
I will be marking according to the following broad criteria:
1. The quality of writing.
2. Depth of understanding and evidence (demonstrated, I hope, though an
extensive bibliography) of relevant wider reading.
3. The quality of figures and diagrams.
4. Applicability and complexity of the function created. And, of course,
whether it works!

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