German Empire of Otto I



Evaluate the German Empire of Otto I. Does he deserve the title of ‘the Great’?


1. What factors led to the First Crusade?  What were the consequences of it?
2. What changes did the Norman Conquest bring to England?
3. Evaluate the German Empire of Otto I.  Does he deserve the title of ‘the Great’?
4. Discuss the lives of women in each of the economic/social classes of High Medieval society (1000-1400 AD).
5. Why was there such an unprecedented surge in anti-Jewish sentiment between the late 12th and early 14th centuries?
6. What led to the revival of trade and the growth of towns in the 12th century?  How did the emergence of towns change medieval society?
7. What led to the emergence of universities in the 12th and 13th centuries?  Who went there and why?
8. Compare the features of Romanesque and Gothic architecture.  What were the factors that led to the change from Romanesque to Gothic?
9. Trace the history of the Roman Catholic Church from 1100-1300.  How did it respond to threats from the growing power of monarchs and from the revival of scholarship in the 12th century?
10. Why was France in 1300 the largest, richest and best governed kingdom in Europe?

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