Geography in the News

Geography in the News

Paper details:

Find a current news article (within 14 days of the due date of the assignment) that interests you and that is related to the theme- Climate, Weather and Climate Change.
For the news article you have chosen, write and submit a summary of the article. To earn a competent grade your submission must include: the title of the news article, a one-paragraph summary of the news article in your own words (do not cut and paste from the web site) and the reference for the source of the news story (APA format). To earn a competent grade your one paragraph summary must include explicit mention of the course theme and textbook chapter number that the news story links to. (Chapter 2- Climate, Weather and Climate Change )The summary should also provide an objective account of the event that is featured in the article, and should describe the wider context and significance of the event. Your submission must be between 100 and 400 words in total.

***need ADVANCED grade***

Assignment Description:
The goal of this assignment is to help you link what you are learning about in the course to real-life events in all parts of the world.

Word Count: 100 – 400

Ch. 2 Weather, Climate & Climate Change

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