General Electric Strategic Audit

General Electric Strategic Audit

General Electric Case

You are required undertake a Strategic Audit of a Company Case from the Text Book.Case Questions will be supplied once group select the case.
1.    Briefly define the Strategic Management Process as outlined in your text.
2.    Present detail profile of the company.
3.    Select the corporate mission and major corporate goals.
4.    Analyze the organization’s external competitive environment to identify opportunities and threats.
5.    Analyze the organization’s internal operating environment to identify the organization’s strengths and weaknesses.
6.    Undertake a detailed SWOT analysis, referring to theory where possible. Select strategies that build on the organization’s strengths and corrects its weaknesses in order to take advantage of external opportunities and counter external threats.
7.    The strategies should be split into; Corporate (2), Business (2) and Functional (2)
8.    Wherever possible refer to management theory to support your proposals
9.    Case:
General Electric
10.    Further Reading:
A.    Appendix 1 A: Strategic Audit of a Company (page 34)
B.    Page 373 – Format for Case Analysis: The strategic Audit
C.    Appendix 12B: Methodology Page 380
D.    Appendix 12C: Example of Student – Written Strategic Audit. Page 383.

11.    Things you need to consider in selecting the case:

•    Please follow the Example of Student – Written Strategic Audit
•    Some of GE information will be attached as GE, but you have to do research for the latest information.

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