Gender roles ( analysis essay)

Gender roles ( analysis essay)

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For your analysis paper, simply watch a television show. It can be any show, but it must be a sitcom and you have to run it by me first. You can find full episodes on


You are watching to identify how they depict GENDER ROLES on the show.

Your principle of analysis is to study these gender roles depicted on the show, incorporating the essays or documents on gender as you go.

You could breakdown how the father and mother on your sitcom has changed roles, continued the old stereotype or added a new spin on what it means to be a wife or

husband on today’s sitcom. Use the topics in place for Still Standing as a guide for your analysis.

Is the father portrayed as a man who puts more importance on son’s like the Cisneros essay?

Is the mother a “model” wife/maid like Brady discusses?

You must use examples from either the essays or at least two of the sources in the weekly checklists in your paper to help prove your points. This means a work cited

page (study tutorials). Remember, just because the essays are not about sitcoms, they are about GENDER ROLES.

Introduction: Introduce your show and the principle of analysis you will be using.

Provide a thesis or slant on the subject. i.e. “Modern Family” attempts to disguise the traditional gender stereotypes in this episode, but underneath the service not

much has changed in sitcoms representation of gender roles.

Middle: Prove your points by discussing the show through the topics of the discussion board. (jobs, friends, etc.)

Use either examples from the essays or at least two sources from the weekly checklist in your analysis.

Conclusion: Leave your audience with a statement on what your personal thoughts are on how gender is represented on TV these days.

You may also comment on the youtube clips on how it has or has not changed over the decade (like your discussion).

MLA style – 5-7 pages

you need to watch a sitcom Friends (season 3 episode 4) and ( season 9 episode 6) another sitcom is Still Standing( season 1 episode 1) ( season 2 episode 19)

you don’t need to use those all episodes but please you must use Friends episode and Still Standing each one as examples.

there is one more article, but i can’t find it
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