Gender Communication Analysis Paper

Gender Communication Analysis Paper

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You will be provided a media text to analyze, where you will describe and argue how the gender binary is at work. The paper will be assessed based on the development and expression of ideas in writing, as well as the ability to construct an argument and provide supporting evidence of your claims. In particular, authors will need to consider organization, purpose and relevance, support and backing, theory, reasoning, argument, style, and mechanics. See rubric for further directions. Pick a magazine, if you pick one, it has to be the most recent issue, if its a bunch of different magazine from the same company for example (Cosmo, you would either use the most recent issue, or all the issues within the year that were published, doesn’t have to be cosmo, can be any magazine) Make sure you read the instructions that I upload thoroughly. Must give concrete examples and use inductive reasoning. Also be specific, choose something very specific to talk about. For example: you could look at the different way men and women are portrayed in uniform in ESPN magazines, whatever, just has to be nit picky. can use my textbook (chapters 5 and 6 if you want) name of the text book is gender storeis by sonja foss

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