Geared towards a billing/ purchasing job moving towards a management track


Can this be geared towards a billing/ purchasing job moving towards a management track?

Write a paper that summarizes how your strengths—as identified in the BetterUp leadership assessment and improved through your coaching—helped you to create an effective capstone project. Reflect upon how you have grown in this program, in the course, and through your coaching. Discuss how you have applied your strengths and how you would apply those strengths further to enact the recommendations you made in your capstone paper if you worked for that organization. Finally, create some future growth goals for yourself and a brief plan of how you will achieve those goals.

Your paper should address these items:

Describe how you have grown in the MBA program, in the course, and through the coaching.
What was your experience while completing the capstone?
How did the capstone allow you to demonstrate the outcomes of the MBA program?
Was there anything new you learned during research and writing?
Discuss how you applied your strengths toward completion of the capstone project.
How did you use the leadership strengths assessment results and coaching to help with completing the capstone?
Discuss how you would apply your leadership strengths if your capstone project recommendations were implemented in the organization.
In your capstone, you made recommendations for your selected company. Considering those recommendations, if you worked for that company how might you use your strengths to affect this change?
Reflecting on your BetterUp strengths assessment, would you have any new recommendations based on your personal strengths?
How might you leverage your own strengths to implement your recommendations?
What new strengths, based on the whole person model, might you want to develop to help you implement your recommendations most effectively?
Create an action plan for at least three future-growth goals.
What are three goals that can support your continuing development into the future?
How will you apply a growth mindset and what you learned about leadership and your own leadership strengths to stay relevant in the field, meet career goals, et cetera?
What are the steps you will take to achieve your goals?
How will you support your goals for when you have graduated from the MBA program?
Your reflection and goal-setting paper should be organized with these sections:

Include an introduction.
The body of your paper should have these headings, at minimum: Reflection, Applying My Strengths, and Future Goals.
Include a conclusion.
Submission Requirements
Style: Your paper should be written in professional style and follow the corresponding MBA Academic and Professional Document Guidelines (located in the MBA Program Resources), including single-spaced paragraphs.
Communication: Ensure written communication is free of errors that detract from the overall message and quality.
APA guidelines: Format your citations according to current APA style.
Resources: Reference your BetterUp strength assessment results and coaching.
Length: Your paper should be between 2–4 pages, single-spaced.
Font and font size: Use 12 point, Times New Roman.

About This Report
Start your coaching journey off on the right foot!
Your Whole Person Strengths Report is a starting point in increasing your self-awareness and to begin your work with your coach. Calculated from your responses on the Whole Person Assessment, this report provides insight into your baseline level on each of the 25 Whole Person Skills, concepts backed by strong research evidence to supporting personal Thriving and Inspiring others. This valuable tool is step one on a successful coaching journey:

Step 1
Chart Your Starting Point
Use this report to gain insight into your current level on each of the 25 Whole Person Skills.

Step 2
Scope Out Your Goals
Your coach will guide you in interpreting your report as a lens for identifying both your strengths and potential blockers to aid in setting your goals.

Step 3
Create an Action Plan
The Whole Person Strengths Report is a forward-thinking tool, intended to help you orient your development today so you can drive your potential tomorrow.

Now let’s dive into your results!

Step 1: Your Whole Person Strengths
Your Whole Person Strengths
These are your starting top 5 Whole Person Skills, measured before coaching

Thriving as an Individual

You have the ability to get “in the zone” at work. Balancing your skills with the challenges you take on allows you to become fully immersed in your work, be creative, and love what you do. Those with a flow as a strength:

Can focus for long periods of time on a single project
Might lose track of time when they’re particularly absorbed
Enjoy periods of uninterrupted work
Inspiring as a Leader

You guide and support others’ development. You have the ability to provide insight and resources to support the growth and development of others, guiding, correcting and encouraging so they can be their best. The best managers are great coaches, so you’re well placed to lead a team. This might mean you:

Provide opportunities for others to learn and develop
Encourage others to set performance and career goals
Ask open-ended questions to stimulate others’ thinking
Inspiring as a Leader

You’re motivated by your work, and your passion is contagious. Your ability to get others excited about their work helps keep your team moving towards their goals. Some common skills of strong motivators include:

Express energy and passion for your work to others
Communicate an inspiring vision for the future
Share the core values that drive your behavior and decisions
Inspiring as a Leader

You provide constructive and accurate feedback in a way that supports growth. You understand that people are motivated to perform better when they receive regular feedback that focuses on opportunities. Others may depend on you to:

Provide regular, actionable feedback that helps improve team member performance
Help others identify and leverage their strengths
Help your organization or team track progress toward goals
Problem Solving
Inspiring as a Leader

You are able to look strategically at problems and identify the best path forward, balancing tradeoffs and incorporating varied perspectives. This makes you a valuable planner, and indispensable when your team veers off track. Those strong in problem solving typically:

Encourage open discussions to find the best possible solution to problems
Develop an effective strategy to achieve results
Collect all relevant information before making decisions
Tip: Consider how you use your strengths. Do you need to dial them up or do you over-rely on them? Discuss this in session with your coach.

Reveal your full Whole Person Strengths Report

How to Interpret Your Whole Person Strengths Report
Thriving as an Individual
The psychological resources that help you learn, adapt, and connect with others.

Inspiring as a Leader
Leadership skills that have been shown to help you drive innovation, employee engagement, and business results.

Scores are based on a standardized 60 point scale, with 60 being the highest and 30 the average.

41-60: Strength
21-40: Potential strength
0-20: Development area
What is the origin of these 25 skills?
The concepts included in the Whole Person Model were derived from decades of academic research in the fields of organizational, developmental, and positive psychology. BetterUp’s Science Board identified the top 25 concepts with the strongest research evidence for supporting personal Thriving and Inspiring others. We believe that everyone is a whole-person no matter where they score in these 25 areas. Rather, the term “whole person” is a reference to our belief that sustainable personal growth comes from changing your attitudes and beliefs, and not just your external behaviors.

Can I trust my results?
Self-reported assessments, when controlled through statistical tools for distorting incentives and properly validated items (i.e., questions), have been shown to be effective in a wide range of disciplines including health sciences and social sciences. It’s important to take these results for what they are – one additional perspective on your progress toward your goals. There are certainly factors outside of BetterUp that may impact your results and we encourage you to use them as a self-awareness tool to continue to strive for lasting positive changes in your life.

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