Game Changers

Game Changers

showcase different companies that have ethical dilemmas and problems, that affect individuals, companies and societies. I did not want to make you cynical, because that is the last thing I want you to be. Angry? Sad? Outraged? Surprised? Yes, because those feelings usually make people want to improve things. You don’t have to change the world right away, you can start with yourself, your family, friends, your community… Anyway, this week we will concentrate on companies that are making a positive difference. There are plenty of them out there, but people don’t talk about them too much. I would like to change that. Share your personal experiences, do research and post names of companies and short description why you think they deserve to be recognized. What makes them such a good company? Think about their human resources and other social policies (people), their environmental impact (ecological) and don’t forget that they should still be sustainable in economic terms, too.

Don’t fall into trap of some websites that claim to list the most ethical companies (like this: while these companies can be considered more ethical than industry average, that doesn’t tell anything. B-Corporation seems better, you should check their website (

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