Fund Development

Given a program’s goals, activities, and outcomes students will be able to create a graphical logic
model that utilizes the University of Wisconsin template/layout.
Related Readings
Posted Readings in D2L for Week 7
Working individually you will create a logic model using the program described below as a case
study on which you will base your logic model.
The rapid growth of confined animal feeding operations (CAFO) in Southeast Michigan has
resulted in a large increase of illegal discharges into surface waterways (over 1,100 since 2000).
Furthermore, the large amounts of liquid manure being applied to fields are resulting in excessive
soil and groundwater levels of phosphorus. The over-abundance of phosphorus and nitrogen in
surface and ground water is impacting the quality of water and ultimately impacting the water
quality of Lake Erie leading to algae blooms. The program being proposed by Extension is to
dedicate staff and money as well as partner with the National Resource and Conservation Service
(NRCS) to develop research based educational materials and workshops, which would target
CAFO operators. Additionally, Extension and NRCS would co-develop a computer program as well
as a smart phone app to serve as a record keeping system of manure applications. Extension
personnel would also make on-farm visits to conduct audits of best practices in manure
management and make recommendations. The priority of the program is to improve the water
quality of the watersheds in Southeast Michigan.

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