Go to the Foundation Center Online. (For alternate search options, click the alternate search options link.)


Click “Find Funders” near the top of the page.
On the next page, click “Top Funders” in the left navigation bar.
You may then click the names of various foundations to reach their Web sites. These sites indicate the types of grants each foundation funds. Target several foundations as possible donors.
Using all the information you have found, complete a “Foundation Research Summary Form” for at least one of the foundations you have targeted as a possible donor. (You will find this worksheet on your course Web site in the “Forms, Examples, Resources” folder, as “Foundation_Res_Summ_12-2”.) Submit the completed form to your mentor. Also, note the keywords you used in your foundation search.
Review one or more of the following Web sites for possible federal government grant programs for your organization:

The Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance
U.S. General Services Administration

Prepare a one-page report of what you find. Be sure to include a list of the keywords used in your search.



Benignant De Eagle, Inc. (2015). About Benignant de Eagle Foundation. Retrieved from Benignant de Eagle Foundation:


EXHIBIT 12-2 Foundation Research Summary Form

Foundation Name:
City, State, Zip: Phone:
Contact: Title:
Areas of Interest:
Average Gift Range: High: Low:
Sample Project: Sample Amount:
Board Meeting Dates:
Relevant Limitations:
Application Procedure:
Comments & Language from Mission or Priority Statement: _______

Other Relevant Info:

Date Research Information Gathered:
Use the following lines to summarize dates of telephone and mail contacts, subject matter and results: __________________________________________________________________

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