Functional Design Specification

For this assignment, you will be developing a prototype mock-up for both kiosk display screens and smart phone display screens. You will also include a narrative to explain how you would navigate each of the prototype options. The goal is to create a mock-up that will allow the user to perform usability testing on each of the options in week 4. You may use a low-fidelity approach to prototyping these mock-ups, such as PowerPoint, Visio, or another storyboarding type tool. If you decide to draw them on paper, then you will need to take photos and imbed them in your Word document.

You will need to design the main menu for the Tourist Information Application and a lower-level menu for each item on the main menu. Be sure to apply user interface design concepts in your layout that you researched in your Discussion Board assignment. The following are items you will need to include in this design:

Banner heading
Menus and options
Items you want to hotlink to other pages
Fill-inform layouts
Logo that can go in banner heading or as the backdrop
Also font and color you intend to use throughout application
Other options that you want to appear on every page

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