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An essay using a specific scenario (will email) indicating how I plan to change the cultural of my team by utilizing the full range leadership model (FRLM). The
scenario speaks of 4 individuals and I would need to explain which FRLM behavior I would use on each individual. Must be VERY SPECIFIC; tell exactly what I am going to
do to utilize the FRLM I chose and why I chose it. Must include CLAIM, EVIDENCE and WARRANT. Warrant must support claim and include why that’s the best way to go.
EXAMPLE: Based on what I know about the FRLM I will use the Individual Consideration behavior model. NOTE: Must list sources for the warrant section. EXAMPLE: Dr.
Arinis states using your words………or As stated by Dr. Arinis…………
Paper must be written in 1st person outlining exactly what I would do in the scenario.
Paper MUST list what I am claiming as it relates to each individual; claim (EXAMPLE: I think Jane Doe has bipolar disorder. EVIDENCE: Individuals who exhibit behaviors
of mood swings, agitation……have been identified as having bipolar disorder. Warrant: (refer to provided handout; must use sources for your warrant session. I will
upload information on topic that we used, template and all other details needed for paper. NOTE: DO NOT NEED TO IDENTIFY the FRLM Management by Exception-Active or
Management by Exception-Passive. Try to use any of the following: Idealized Influence, Inspirational motivation, Intellectual Stimulation, Individual consideration
and/or Contingent Reward.

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