FSLS 400 Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Essay (CW1) – 10% of module

FSLS 400 Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Essay (CW1) – 10% of module
“The most important molecule in a cell is……… because………… ”
Justify this statement using one example biological molecule or process.

Essay Criteria – You will be marked on the following
Guidance on Topics – There is no “Right” answer
You are being assessed on your ability to write, follow instructions, and to construct a sensible argument.
An argument takes an issue, gathers, discusses and evaluates evidence in support of the issue, and then comes to an informed opinon. You will be marked on this basis.
• Your essay needs to identify one biological molecule and/or process involving biological molecules.
• Your essay needs to have an beginning (introduction), middle (topics under discussion) and an end (concluding statement)
o The start should refer to your molecule of choice and the processes in which it is involved. It should lead into the middle section.
o The middle section should discuss how the topics covered demonstrate that life is dependent on your molecule and process, discussing any outside information you might have found which relates to the topic
o The end needs to have a definitive concluding statement, summarising your argument.
Use of Written English
• Write in clear and professional English, using scientific terms accurately
• Structure your essay to read in a logical order
• Proof read your work before handing in
Format Instructions
• No more than 1 page of A4
• Font: Ariel
• Font Size: 12
• Paragraphs must be justified
• Line Spacing must be 1.5
• We do not require a list of references
• Plagiarism
o At this point in your career you a familiar enough with the academic code to know how not to plagiarise and so any essays which are copied will be refereed for assessment offences.

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