Freshman 15

Freshman 15

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Research: The research that you submit in your portfolio should include your landscaping (including framestorming question), ethnographic research (ie.observations,
empathy mapping, journey mapping, interviews). insights and challenge statement

Clarify [landscaping -> ethnographic research (understand the client, the project the industry and the consumers) -> insights, challenge statment]
Ideate [ideation(generate ideas) -> converge(consider the outcome)]
Develop [protype ->develop+refine (test your ideas, get feedback from consumers.)]
implement [implement (solution)]

Prototyping plan
– what is your idea?
– what problem does it solve?
– what assumptions of your idea should be tested?
– how can you test that assumption?
– what can you measure to determine level of success?

portfolio need to include research, insight statement, ideation, prototyping, creative solutions and reflection.


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