Free tickets enter into Museums

Free tickets enter into Museums

•    5,000 words.

This essay draws upon the taught programme and your independent research to demonstrate understanding of, engagement with and critical reflection on a topic covered in

the module.
It should be presented as an academic essay, using continuous prose. You should not use sub-headings, but indicate clearly through your writing what the structure of

the essay is, and demonstrate how one topic leads into the next.

You should provide proper references for all citations, using the Harvard Scheme, and also a bibliography of all the books/ journals / websites you have consulted.
*For the Harvard Scheme, consult the ‘My Study Skills: The Toolkit’ via Blackboard.
In order to pass the module, the minimum requirement that a student should demonstrate is:
•    that they have chosen a suitable topic and title;
•    that they have consulted key texts;
•    that they have presented a developed, analytical argument;
•    that they have provided a basic concluding statement;
•    that they have identified and applied appropriate research methods;
•    that they have met academic standards of writing, structuring, expression, formatting and referencing.

The topic is about “Free tickets enter into Museums”
1.    Structure:
?    Introduce the value of museums
?    Introduce the style of museums and function of museums
?    Introduce the advantages of the free tickets enter into museum in UK
?    Introduce the advantages of the free tickets enter into museum in China
?    Comparison the free enter policies between UK and China
?    Mentioned the drawbacks or disadvantages for free enter into museums in UK and China
?    Recommendation (regarding to how to change the free of charge in museums and give some recommendations)
?    Conclusion

Essay writing styles
Introduction, argument and conclusion

1. What should go in an introduction?
* Definitions of terms
* Problems with the question
* How you have resolved them
* How you intend to approach the topic
* Any limitations of the topic you have made, and why
* Hint at the conclusion?

2. Main arguments
* One argument in each paragraph
* Outline the issue
* Examples
* Discussion of examples (literature and own critique with reasons)
* Conclusion of that argument
* Lead into the next

3. Conclusion
* Not a summary!
* Should be an answer to the essay question, based on what you have argued
* Any reservations?


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