: Framing Qualitative Reserach on ” Peri-operative patient teaching

Topic: Framing Qualitative Reserach on ” Peri-operative patient teaching

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For the topic, identify three issues or problems that could be explored using three (3) different qualitative research methodologies:
two interpretive methodologies and
one critical or post-modern methodology.
For each of the issues or problems / methodologies you have identified:
Generate a problem statement AND a research question/s that could guide research and provide a brief argument as to why such research would be important and useful to health and human services practice (ie. its significance).
Provide an argument as to why the methodological approach is suitable for answering this particular question/problem.
Discuss the major theoretical and/or philosophical underpinnings of the methodology and how it would inform the conduct of this research.
Identify the nature of knowledge that would be produced by answering this question using this methodological approach.

In this assignment, students will demonstrate their understanding and application of the theoretical and methodological principles that underpin qualitative research. It requires students to develop researchable questions or problems that can be investigated using three different qualitative research methodologies, and to understand the nature of knowledge produced by qualitative research.
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