Four Noble Truths of Buddha

  1. Briefly explain the four noble truths of Buddha – not just repeating the words, but explaining how they make
    sense as a coherent presentation of the problems of life and how to resolve them. In discussing the “Eightfold
    Path,” do briefly choose and explain any two of the eight components that interest you.
    Also, include something about whether what the Buddha says accords with your own experience; that is, you
    might give an example of how certain of the “noble truths” help you understand an experience you had, or
    conversely you might argue against Buddha’s notions by presenting a counter-example.
  2. How does the surprising Buddhist doctrine of “no self,” anatta (anatman), relate to and depend upon the
    notion of anicca (impermanence) and “interbeing”? Explain. (Note: this does involve giving some explanation of
    all three notions.)
    As part of your answer, be sure to use, and insert a quote from, one of our sources, such as Thich Nhat Hahn
    on interbeing, Sogyal Rinpoche on impermanence, and/or Bresnan on anatman
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