Formal Business Report

Formal Business Report

Assessment 2: 1,500 Formal Business Report

Assignment briefing

You are to assume the role of the new marketing manager of any UK based fashion retailer or designer (currently with either no or minimal foreign expansion).  The owner of the business has asked you as matter of urgency to write an outline business report about the businesses potential to expand internationally; giving outline recommendations, as to the best way to proceed over the next three years. (N.B. This is not a request for a fully developed business).  The aim of the report is to act as discussion paper for circulation to other members of the board/owners.  He/she is insistent that as part of the report, you research a similar fashion business; to compare and contrast it to your business – commenting clearly upon that business’s

•    Strategic Orientation toward product-market development (refer to Miles& Snow typology)
•    Competitive strategy pursued (refer to Porter’s generic strategies)
•    Product innovation
•    Technological innovation
•    Financial strength

The report will be delivered in a professional and formal format; which will need to be clear, concise and persuasive.  The owner is a naturally nervous individual, who is a stickler for detail and good logic in all his/her dealings.  For the purposes of this assignment – all students will need firstly to get the verbal go ahead for their selection of a chosen business from the module leader before proceeding.

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