Forecasting, capacity management, inventory management,

1) This paper covers knowledge points about forecasting, capacity management, inventory management,
scheduling, and control & planning systems, which are using to make a Master Production Schedule (MPS). So
please choose the task only if you know these areas.
2) To accomplish this paper, you will need to read through all the materials related to the in-class simulation
(13-24 Weeks) which is already done in class, and then create an MPS for the rest weeks (25-35 Weeks).
Please carefully read all the instructions and examples attached then answer all 2 question (Limit of 4000
3) Please only use journal articles as the sources for citations and references (within last 15 years), use
Harvard Style.
4) Please use the format given at the end of the instruction document.
5) More details please check the materials attached.
6) These report will submit to ‘Turnitin’, so please very carefully with the plagiarism issue.
7) Feel free to contact me via messages if you need any other supplementary materials.

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