Ford Motor Company

Ford Motor Company

1.Provide an overview of the selected company (history, financial status, etc.)
2.Define basic nationwide macroeconomic MUST indicators and find time series data for the last 10 to 15 years. Define and find time series data for firm level indicators. Compare and contrast the nationwide indicators with firm level indicators.
3.Explain whether current economic conditions are more consistent with the Keynesian or classical economic theories. Summarize the impact of the macro-environment.
4.Analyze the relationship among inflation, unemployment, and the business cycle on the selected industry/company.
5.Provide a brief evaluation of the impact of past and current fiscal policies and monetary policies on the economy and on the selected industry/company.

It’s important to include time series data for the last 10 to 15 years and address time series data for firm level indicators. Time series data is just a list of variables for the single firm over time. This is stuff like prices, revenue, labor costs, etc. for the years 2000-2015. You’ve started to accomplish this though you could probably make the table smaller and spend a little more time on the economic interpretation of the data.,

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