For the deletion of a class

For the deletion of a class

For this Assignment
I need a first Draft, a Self Review Feedback (I have the form Below) and a revised Draft after filling the Self-review Form.

You will make an argument, related to your major, and support it.  You will integrate citations when necessary and will write sentences that best reflect your good ideas.  You will use ethos, logos, and pathos as you deem appropriate and ensure that your paragraphs center on one idea.


Have you ever thought about how you could improve your major? Perhaps you have taken a required class for your major that you found did not best serve the overall major or you may have wished that a class was required for the major because it would better prepare students in your major for their future professions.

In an essay of 600 – 750 words argue for the addition or deletion of a required class for your major. To support your argument, use two relevant academic and general sources, such as your department’s Web site or handbook, academic or professional journals . You will need a works cited page for this paper.  You may not use Wikipedia or equivalent sources for this paper.

This is a thesis driven essay. I encourage you to use a “because clause” for your provisional thesis because doing so will help you use a claim and reason in your thesis. Be sure to explain and support your reasons while also giving details about the class you would add or delete so that a reader outside your discipline will understand what the class is about and how it relates to the major.

1) State your thesis.  Does your thesis address the writing assignment? Do you have any ideas as to how you can strengthen your thesis?
2) Does the introduction engage the reader and explain why the subject is important?
3) What are the “main points” of the paper?  Be sure to indicate whether or not the main points of the paper support your thesis.
4) What are your justifications (e.g., readings, logic, and evidence) for taking your position?  Note your justifications and indicate whether or not they are effective.
5) Note what you think is the strongest evidence for your position.  Explain why you find this evidence strong.
6) Note what you think is the weakest evidence for your position.  Explain why you find this evidence weak.
7) For each paragraph of this paper, note the topic sentence, if there is one.
8) Note any sentences or passages that you had to read more than once to understand what you were saying.  Offer reasons that you think you had trouble reading your passages or sentences.
9) Note any sentences that you find particularly strong or effective and explain why you find them effective.
10) Note mechanical errors (e.g., grammar or punctuation,) by paragraph number (e.g., “ My third paragraph the fourth sentences needs . . . “ )
11) Write a paragraph explaining what you find most compelling about your paper.
12) Have you correctly cited, structured and worded all quotations, paraphrases and summaries?  Are you using MLA or APA?


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