Food safety research critique

Food safety research critique

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Study (Food Safety) Assignment

Assignment Brief

This assignment is designed to test that you can:

• Evaluate research methods employed to answer a range of research questions;
• Analyse contemporary theoretical and methodological issues in relation to current research literature, including research design, analysis and
interpretation of results.

This assignment is based on a published academic paper.
This assignment is testing your understanding of research methods design – it is not testing knowledge of a particular aspect of food safety, however you will need to

also think about the food safety problem to decide whether the methodology the authors have used is appropriate.

Jevsnik M., Hlebec V., Raspor P. (2008) Consumers’ awareness of food safety
from shopping to eating. Food Control 19:737-745.

You must discuss/justify your answer to each question.

You can answer each question individually or present your work as an integrated piece of writing, so long as you address the questions asked. Marks will be deducted

for excessive word length, poor grammar or spelling. There is a total of 50 marks.

1) The research is ‘quantitative’.

a) Discuss whether the stated aims require quantitative research methods.
b) Explain how the researchers’ chosen methodology makes the research quantitative.
c) The authors do not state their objectives or research questions.
However, they have answered some research questions in their work. What research questions do you think they have answered? [15 marks]

2) Does the introduction justify the need for the research? Explain your answer.
[8 marks]

3) The following concepts are important in quantitative research:

a) Unbiasedness b) Replicability
c) Generalisability

Critically evaluate the paper with respect to each of these concepts. Make sure that in your answer you refer to the sampling used in the research.
[12 marks]

4) In quantitative research the results can be presented in descriptive statistics (including tables and graphs) and statistical tests.
a) Critically assess the descriptive statistics in the paper
b) Discuss the usefulness of the tests as reported in this paper.
[10 marks]

5) Sometimes researchers use ‘mixed methods’ i.e. both quantitative and qualitative methods. Give an example of a research question and relevant qualitative method

that would have been relevant to this piece of research.
[5 marks]


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