Food Habits Assignment Form

Food Habits Assignment Form

Set the scene for what is to come. Explain what the assignment is about and the types of information that will follow. Write an aim for the assignment. Give background information about yourself that is relevant to this assignment. (~100 words, 5 marks)

ii) Factor 2 (list here):

How did you rate this factor as an influence on your choice of foods when shopping? (Keep appropriate choice, delete inappropriate choice)

Extremely important

Not important

Explain why this factor is either ‘extremely important’ or ‘not important’. (~50 words
Questions to answer about the Food Frequency Questionnaire
5. How well do you think the Food Frequency Questionnaire captured your usual dietary intake over the past month and year? Please explain, giving specific food examples that support your explanation. (~100 words, 5 marks)

6. How would the types of food you ate change if you had to grow and prepare all the food you eat? Check the foods you eat often in the Food Frequency Questionnaire to use as examples in your answer. (~100 words, 5 marks)

7. i) How many serves of vegetables do you usually eat each day (question 4 in the Food Frequency Questionnaire)?

State number of servings here:

ii) How many serves of fruit do you usually eat each day (question 5 in the Food Frequency Questionnaire)?

State number of servings here:

iii) Evaluate your intake compared with the recommendations for your gender and age group from the Australian Dietary Guidelines (~100 words, 5 marks):

Recommended number of serves per day
Age (years)    Vegetables and legume/beans    Fruit
Male    14-18    5 ½     2
19-50    6    2
51-70    5 ½    2

Female    14-18    5    2
Pregnant (up to 18 years)    5    2
Breastfeeding (up to 18 years)    5 ½     2
19-50    5    2
51-70    5    2
Pregnant (19-50)    5    2
Breastfeeding (19-50 years)    7 ½     2
(National Health and Medical Research Council 20

8. The 1995 National Nutrition Survey in Australia found a daily average intake of 3.4 serves of vegetables and 1.1 serves of fruit in adults. How do you think this intake could be increased to meet the recommendations? (~100 words, 5 marks)

9. After viewing 3-4 other students’ videos within your group, select one to reflect upon. Think about the major demographic factors (i.e. age, gender, cultural identity, nationality, work commitments, living arrangements, etc.) or environmental factors that influence this person’s food choices (as described in their video) and how this either differs or is similar to your own background and food choices.

i) In the space below state the surname of the student and provide the URL for the video you have chosen to reflect upon:

ii) Comment on the key differences and/or similarities in food choices and explain how varying demographic or environmental factors influence these choices. Use food examples within your response. (~200 words, 10 marks)

Write a reflection that summarises what you have learnt about factors that influence your individual eating habits. (~100 words, 5 marks)


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